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Our Outreach Program

Our group visited over 200 fourth and fifth grade students in the Pasadena area and got their input on what we should do in microgravity. In each classroom we gave a presentation and series of demonstrations in which the students had the chance to experience some scientific concepts first hand. We experimented with density, gravity, and air resistance.


As part of the presentations, we taught the students exactly how astronauts achieve weightlessness, and then asked them what they would do in weightlessness. We wanted to know what most interested them, and planned to then actually do those demonstrations in microgravity and show them what happens.


In almost every school, the students were very excited to see what would happen to a slinky in microgravity. We filmed this during our parabolas and plan to revisit these schools with the video in the fall. Below are pictures from some of the demonstrations attempted in microgravity:


If you'd like us to visit your school, let us know by emailing us here!